Criminogenic Risk Assessment: A Meta-Review and Critical Analysis - in press

City Jails Are Crowded Again, Stoking Covid Fears: `It's a Ticking Time Bomb'

As the pandemic raged last spring, New York City released hundreds of people from jail. A year later, the jails are just as full, and the virus is showing signs of returning.

Moral Calculations: Pandemic Coverage Obscures Individual Risk and Social Harm • Protean Magazine

The United States has largely failed in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike other countries that have eliminated community transmission or suppressed it to low levels, US officials have allowed high levels of the virus to circulate and …

Association between County Jail Incarceration and Cause-Specific County Mortality in the USA, 1987– 2017: A Retrospective, Longitudinal Study

Background Mass incarceration has collateral consequences for community health, which are reflected in county-level health indicators, including county mortality rates. County jail incarceration rates are associated with all-cause mortality rates in …

Biden's Coronavirus Plan Will Not Prevent Death and Devastation

Our best option is a short-term shutdown of nonessential activity, with generous economic support.

Incarceration Tied to Early Death in U.S., Study Suggests

A new analysis suggests jail incarceration rates may help drive causes of death like infectious disease and suicide among county residents.

Teachers and Their Unions Are Demanding Truly Safe Schools Reopening — Not "Ignoring Science"

Some prominent academics have taken to lecturing teachers and their unions for insisting that reopening schools is still too dangerous. Those academics are wrong: teachers are insisting on a safe, solidaristic approach to opening schools back up that …

How to save lives in jail right now: Learn from mistakes made in earlier COVID waves

When COVID-19 first hit New York City, incarcerated people, oversight agencies, advocates, doctors and epidemiologists sounded the alarm about the humanitarian crisis the pandemic would unleash in our jails and prisons. The danger was clear: Without …

New Research Confirms It: Exploitation Makes People Miserable Mentally. An Interview with Seth Prins

We always knew mental illness was exacerbated by the stress of economic hardship. But new research confirms that the more a boss is exploiting a worker, the worse it is for that worker's mental health.

Photos & Video Show NYPD Officers, Including Top Brass, Openly Flouting Mask Mandate

More than 40 members of the NYPD have died from the coronavirus since the pandemic began.