70% of Texas Prisoners Tested Have the Coronavirus. Experts Say It's Time for More Testing and Fewer Inmates.

Some of the nation's biggest COVID-19 outbreaks have been in prisons and jails, and they can quickly spread to surrounding communities. Are Texas prisons doing enough to protect inmates, staff and the public?

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County Jail Incarceration Rates and County Mortality Rates in the United States, 1987– 2016

Objectives. To evaluate the relationship between changes in county jail incarceration rates and subsequent county mortality rates across the United States.Methods. We analyzed county jail incarceration rates from the Bureau of Justice Statistics from …

Identifying Sensitive Periods When Changes in Parenting and Peer Factors Are Associated with Changes in Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use

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Using updated data from the General Social Survey/National Death Index (GSS/NDI) study, we examined whether the relationship between structural stigma-measured by aggregating 4 items assessing prejudice towards homosexuality to the community …

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Previous research has described the criminal justice system as a “labor market institution.” In recent years, however, research on the relationship between the criminal justice system and the labor market has focused primarily on the negative impact …