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New Research Confirms It: Exploitation Makes People Miserable Mentally. An Interview with Seth Prins

We always knew mental illness was exacerbated by the stress of economic hardship. But new research confirms that the more a boss is exploiting a worker, the worse it is for that worker's mental health.

"The Serpent of Their Agonies": Exploitation As Structural Determinant of Mental Illness

Depressed? Anxious? Blame the Gender Pay Gap

Depression and Anxiety in Women Linked to Male-Female Pay Gap

The Gender Wage Gap Isn't Just Unfair. It Also Ups the Odds Women Get Anxiety or Depression

Middle Management: The Worst of Both Worlds

The Perilous Plight of Middle Managers

The Secret Suffering of the Middle Manager

Social Class and Mental Health: Testing Exploitation as a Relational Determinant of Depression

This study tests whether social class exploitation operates as a relational mechanism that generates mental health inequalities in the nursing home industry. We ask, does social class exploitation (i.e., the acquisition of economic benefits from the …